Visitor information for the Hiyama area

Okushiri Island

Okushiri Island

Breath in the island air.
Be amazed by nature and enjoy the flavors of the island.
Explore the attractions of the island including unusual rocks and beautiful scenery.

One of the great ways to enjoy the island is to take a long moment to watch the sunset on the western coast.

  • Setana Town

    Setana Town

    This is a perfect location to enjoy cycling because it rarely goes above 30℃ even in the middle of the summer. On a sunny day, you can see Okushiri Island across the Sea of Japan.

  • Esashi Town

    Esashi Town

    Enjoy the view of the highest mountains in the southern Hokkaido, and sea urchins and abalone.Eat your way around this town. Try "Iwashu," a sweet creation that is only good for 1 hour after it is made.

Hiyama area average sunset time
Hiyama area average sunset time
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